Let there be Thunder...And Then There was...Simon Thunder!!!
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And then the darkness came... But not for them who had already seen and known light! Though nightfall had come to envelop them. Unbeknownst to them, they were encamped and surrounding them was a garrison of light bearers that enclosed them in a fortress of safety and truth. In the free will of artistic creation they found the solitude of peace and became enlightened in the oneness of the akasha with a balance of holy reverence to the explosive creative nature of Rock music and benevolent force of the Creator of all things. They did not will their music into existence, but it knew them and they became instruments of its sonic nature. In fact, they became priests of this "order". It is the order with "no name". It simply, is that it is... The edict of this sect is to control only that which truly belongs to you. This is, that your only possession is your own free will and your own ability to make choices within this one life. Until such a time as the ramifications of your choices catch up with you to inform you that this game or brief sojourn and your time in it has expired. 

By clicking on this link may you be open and receptive to receive whatever you are able to hear, see, and feel. Take what is useful or required by your musical wants, desires, and needs.

To begin your sonic voyage click on or type into your browser: www.oxygendetonation.net 

To listen to music samples click on or type into your browser: www.myspace.com/oxygendetonation

Simon Thunder is the Savior of Rock -n- Roll!! All 32 Grammy accepted songs released by Simon Thunder, Dylan Thunder, Ian Thunder, Oxygen Detonation, and Suicide Or Famous are on sale everywhere like iTunes, Amazon & Napster... We're number 1 on the ReverbNation Alternative charts for Pacific Northwest, OR. http://lnk.ms/PWntG

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